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Full Throttle Parties

When your dancers arrive, please meet them outside, and give them the initial pickup (hourly fee). They will then need a clean, private changing area to get fully prepared.

Be fully prepared for the girls!

  • One bottle of whip cream

  • Large clean blanket (for dirty games, not for sleeping!)

  • A few towels or wash cloths

  • A sturdy seat with no arms for the guest of honor 

  • AUX Input or IPod dock, or let us know if we need to bring a stereo

  • Treat us with the respect we deserve; You don’t want to be the guy that ran off the party favors do you? 

  • NO videos or pictures. It's like that Vegas know the one.

  • The biggest rule, is to HAVE FUN and we will make it a night you will never forget!

  • xoXOxo Renee

Party Information


(425) 880-9359

to book your party!

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